civic-voice-logoWelcome to the website of the Fenland Trust. Our organisation, based in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire was founded to develop charitable projects to enrich the lives of our local residents and promote a better understanding of regional heritage assets. We are founders of the Yaxley Festival and of the Yaxley History Project. The Fenland Trust is working in partnership with the Great Fen and we are a member of CIOFF®, the UNESCO partner organisation concerned with the safeguarding, promotion and diffusion of traditional culture and folklore.

Heritage Projects

Promoting the history of Yaxley and the Fenland region. Developing, researching and interpreting our collection making findings available to the public.

Community Infrastructure

Establishing the need for and developing infrastructure to serve the local community. Promoting local sports and leisure, the arts and education.

Economic Development

Working to ensure that our community is positioned to reap the economic benefits offered by the development of tourism infrastructure.


Cultural Heritage

Working with C.I.O.F.F. UK and partner organisations to develop a youth group to preserve and promote our regional intangible cultural heritage.



NYCES paints the Yaxley Recreation Ground

On Saturday 7th May a local graffiti artist created an original piece of art in Yaxley. The Fenland Trust working in partnership with Yaxley Parish Council and Cambridgshire County Council were excited to welcome NYCES to the village and learn more about the exciting... read more

Yaxley launches Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The Fenland Trust is proud to be supporting Yaxley’s new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Volunteers met for the first time yesterday at Queen’s Park Pavilion to develop the scheme. In the meantime we have designed and launched their new website at... read more

Tackling Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

Though reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in and around Yaxley through the provision of youth services and delivery of facilities is an important activity for the Trust, we are also keen to take a more direct approach to tackle these issues. We have therefore... read more

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Powering Local History was developed as a key component of the Yaxley Festival project and exists to preserve and celebrate the collective memories of our community and the stories and images of our village. The site is a foundation stone of the longer term Yaxley Heritage Project, developed by The Fenland Trust, which aims to identify, develop, promote and preserve our village heritage assets.

Holme is a Viking word which means island or peninsula surrounded by water. When you approach the village the slightly higher land is quite obvious, the lower dark soil of the Fens surrounds the village on three sides. The original part of the village developed on the highest ground near the church and followed a circular pattern as a result. Please visit

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